Rosemary Stein, MD wants to help each child in North Carolina to reach their highest potential.

About Rosemary Stein

Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein was born in New York City to Dominican immigrants. At age five, entering kindergarten, she received her first experience in the English as a Second Language (ESL) immersion language learning method. At age 12, her family returned to their native Dominican Republic so that her mother could start a private school for grades Pre-K through Third. Upon returning to the D.R., she found that while she was conversant in Spanish, she could not read the language. She therefore received a second language immersion course. This time, it was in Spanish.

In order to help her family, she was pressed into service as a teacher in her mother's after school program. It was here that she learned how to instruct children to read using a regimented phonics method. This method had a near 100% success rate of children learning to read at the end of first grade. To earn extra money for the family, she also started an after school English immersion class for Dominican children. This program was successful in teaching her Spanish speaking children to speak, read, and write in English in one year. She ran this program and instructed other teachers on how to teach English as a Second Language for six years.

A Family of Educators

Dr. Fernandez Stein comes from a long line of educators in her family. Her Aunt Cecilia founded her own 500 child private school that was one of the most successful in the country. Her Great Aunt Aurora Tavarez Belliard wrote the curriculum that was used in most of the schools in the country. A noted educator, she was the author of several books and textbooks that are still in circulation. The Aurora Taverez Belliard literary award for the most outstanding children's book in the Dominican Republic bears her name. Dr. Fernandez Stein's Great Uncle, Carlos Guzman, was the head of education for the Dominican Republic. Her grandfather, Porfirio Guzman, was the superintendent of one of the largest school districts in the country. He was responsible for making site visits and ensuring that the schools were giving proper instruction, and that the children and the education process were being evaluated properly. Her Grandmother, Porfirio's wife, was the Headmistress for a large public school in the interior of the Dominican Republic for decades. She later founded and ran a private elementary school which she ran until her retirement.

Dr. Rosemary Stein's Third Language Immersion

At age 16, Dr. Fernandez Stein was sent to Montreal, Canada to complete her high school education in French in Quebec. While fluent now in English and Spanish, she was not fluent in French. Here, she received her third language immersion in French.

Upon returning to the Dominican Republic, she went on to Medical School. After graduation, she returned to the United States and completed her Pediatric residency in Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ.

She and her husband, Dr. David Stein met during her first position after post graduate training in Fort Campbell KY where he was a Major for the Army, serving in the 101st Airborne Division. Since their marriage both Steins have worked tirelessly to further the American family and children's causes. Some of the organizations that they have helped build, support and volunteer in are Care Net and several Pregnancy Centers in the US, the Boy Scouts in establishing their own Soccer in Scouting Troop for underprivileged boys, Crossnore Homes for Children in educating and helping abused, neglected and abandoned children. They also founded an after school program called Mustard Seed to help tutor at risk children and guide them in Biblical principles.

Medical Practice in NC

Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein and her husband began their own Pediatric medical practice, the International Family Clinic, in 1999. The clinic was founded with the mission to give the best medical care and guidance to the underserved in Alamance County. They now have a practice that cares for 5,000 children, employs 14 including 4 other doctors.

Dr. Stein's legacy in Advocacy and Social Involvement

Dr. Stein is the co-host of a twice a month radio show that discusses topics of parenting and education. She has delivered this important message to parents since 2014.

Dr. Stein mentors and sponsors UNC, Duke and Wake Forest medical, nurse practitioner and physician assistant students as an Adjunct Teaching Professor for these institutions.

As a member of the Board of Trustees for Alamance Community College from 2009 to June 2015, her mission has been to increase the graduation rates from the NC Community College system and bring awareness to the fact that the rate of graduation has been terribly low, North Carolinians should not accept these failing numbers but instead support and encourage our colleges to improve the quality of training and education that our young citizens receive.

Dr. Stein has been a member of the Christian Medical Dental Association since 1991 and has written several articles for their on-line publication called "News and Views" regarding teenage abstinence, parental rights and parenting for good outcomes.

She and her husband also helped co-write a commercial warning of the consequences of the Affordable Care Act. The commerical aired/appeared on Fox News during Hannity and The O'Reilly Factor in 2009. It was called a "home run" by Frank Luntz, political strategist and pollster.

Dr. Fernandez Stein serves on the Board of the North Carolina Smart Start Foundation, the NC Minority Health Advisory Council, and the NC Superintendent's Graduation Task Force. She also serves on the National Governor's Association Early Literacy Committee.

In 2013, she accepted the position of Chair of the NC Republican National Hispanic assembly. During her tenure as chair, she spoke on Hispanic Voter Engagement at multiple North Carolina GOP functions. Dr. Stein has also been a speaker at the Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference on the topic of the Hispanic voter.

Dr. Fernandez Stein produced a children's book authored by Bill Carson, "When It Rains on the Mountain", for the Altapass Orchard. The Orchard is a not for profit located in the Blue Ridge Mountains that is dedicated to preserving the culture, heritage, and stories of the mountains and its people.

Dr. Fernandez Stein also co-wrote with her husband the book "Common Sense II: An American Parenting Revolution" to educate parents about the time tested method of parenting that is superior to the one currently being used in America. Proper parenting education has been a focus of the International Family Clinic for the past three years. Dr. Fernandez Stein started the first of its kind "Common Childhood Problems" clinic to educate parents having behavior problems with their children. Dr. Fernandez Stein has given parenting seminars at the Raleigh chapter of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, the Baptist Home for Children, the Burlington Christian Academy, and several other civic groups. In 2015, she lectured at the Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference, and the annual Best Friends Foundation conference on the role of parenting in our children's success. She will also present at the Christian medical and Dental Association's annual conference on "Train Your Child's Brain".

She and her husband live in Snow Camp, NC with their 15 year old daughter, Hannah. They love spending their free time in our NC High Country and visiting Revolutionary sites throughout our country that remind us all of why we are(still!) a free nation under God!

Dr. Rosemary Stein's Credentials: At-A-Glance

  • Practicing Pediatrician, Alamance County
  • Education Subcommittee Chair: Governor's Advisory Council for Latino/Hispanic Affairs
  • Board of the North Carolina Smart Start Foundation
  • NC Minority Health Advisory Council
  • NC Superintendent's Graduation Task Force
  • National Governor's Association Early Literacy Committee
  • Board of Trustees for Alamance Community College
  • Chair of Curriculum for Alamance Community College